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Microsoft Power Point Latest Version For Windows and Mac

Microsoft PowerPoint, the Office tool for bringing the thoughts to life and representing them, is used to create interactive slideshows.


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Millions of PC users around the world prefer the Microsoft Office Suite. Its various applications are appropriate for use in technical, domestic, and academic settings. It contains resources such as Word and Excel, but it also contains Microsoft PowerPoint, a software for producing multimedia presentations that is included in the bundle.

The most effective forum for disseminating data, initiatives, and ideas

It contains a variety of functions for creating slideshows. Functions that not only expose text or images, but also provide support for other elements such as audio or video. All of this can be done from scratch with blank templates or by using templates provided by the software.

The method for developing presentations is simple: the user has complete freedom to capture their contents at first, and as time goes by, they may add various elements, both formal and material, to enrich them.

Key features of PowerPoint 2019

One of its most notable functions has come from one of its most recent developments. We see it in the ability to synchronise our work with other project colleagues thanks to the cloud’s availability. This improves teamwork because everyone on the team will make improvements to a document and keep track of them. However, we also note the following characteristics:

Text editor with the ability to insert and format text.

Insert and edit images and graphics using these tools.

Various themes with panoramic variations are available.

Various colour schemes are available.

Toolbar in a more lightweight and colourful style.

Text alignment guides to help you improve your writing.

Shape-combination tools.

The presentation moves smoothly thanks to the One-Click Transform effect.

Usage on a second screen is possible.

There is a large library of pre-made models and slides to choose from.

The various tools have been created so that any user can build designs quickly without needing specialised knowledge of how to use them. With a little effort, the results can be almost professional.

Despite the rivalry, it continues to be the preferred choice.

Its features have kept it as the most common presentation software. Despite the fact that there are other good and even free alternatives, such as Impress from OpenOffice or Prezi, which can be used online without having to download anything, PowerPoint remains the standard and the PPT format to which the rest of the applications adapt their compatibility.

What’s new in the most recent release?

Microsoft has not stated whether or not this update contains any changes.

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