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Missive is an email collaboration tool that allows teams to handle shared inboxes and collaborate on emails. Right from your inbox, you can chat, exchange attachments, and delegate tasks.

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Missive is a collaboration mechanism that allows work groups to remain united on the same platform. This package includes several choices for configuring shared mail trays so that all workers have easy access.

Missive’s compatibility with the major email clients is one of its strongest features. The platform, on the other hand, allows us to add different filters in each of the trays so that we always have the information we need.

Missive also includes HTML and rich text signatures to make it easier for us to finish each post. Similarly, we can see the various well-organized activities in the interface itself, ensuring that we always have access to the project we need.

Missive is a feature-rich software that also allows us to talk in real time and share any file.

Another feature of the utility is the ability to write emails that can be read at the same time.

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