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Free tool for your Mac and Windows to simulate user activity.

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MoveMouse is a useful programme that simulates computer activities. You can use it to keep your computer running even while you are not present.

The simple tool keeps your screen from dimming and is ideal for making presentations and maintaining remote sessions. It also has an automatic start-up and stop option, as well as the ability to schedule repeated blackouts.

The most recent version of MoveMouse for Windows 10 and Mac is highly efficient, and it features a new UI with enhanced scripting options.

The simple software allows you to move the pointer, click the left mouse button, and transmit a keystroke. You can even mix and match the three alternatives to meet your needs.

Once you’ve set up the application, it’ll transmit clicks to your screen on a regular basis to keep remote sessions open, stop screensavers from running, and apply blackout according to user-defined schedules.

MoveMouse also allows you to write custom scripts to tailor the programme to your own needs. You can use it to make the programme more functional and to run other scripts as soon as you launch it.

Almost all popular Windows scripting languages are now supported in the current edition of the utility.

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