View multimedia files on your Mac or Windows device.

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MrViewer is a great multimedia viewer for Mac and Windows that allows us to open any file right on our device. Designers and graphic developers should consider this method because of its high compatibility with high-quality formats like EXR or HDR.

The mrViewer interface is very straightforward, and the whole environment is designed to keep our attention focused on what matters most, the presentation of each image or video. As a result, each frame will be shown in the middle, with the attributes managed from the sides or the toolbar.

In mrViewer, you not only view the content in a straightforward manner, but can also control the frames per second. It’s fascinating to look through layers of renderings or drawings made up of three-dimensional shapes. 

Furthermore,you still have access to the image’s metadata and any other relevant information.

mrViewer comes with everything you’ll need to view basic or 3D images on your Mac or on Windows Operating System. You will have no trouble taking full advantage of the information stored in each file with a clear and completely adaptable user interface.

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