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NetBalancer is a Windows and Mac application that controls and monitors local network traffic.

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NetBalancer can be used to prioritize which programmes require the most download and upload transfer rates. Those with a higher network priority will receive more traffic bandwidth than those with a lower priority.

The primary distinction between NetBalancer and other traffic monitoring software is that NetBalancer uses priorities, so low-priority programmes won’t be slowed down if other high-priority programmes aren’t using your network.

When the balancing act is done, the complications arise. It can lead to irregular bandwidths in the early phases of balancing until the programme finds the correct medium (in which time, your needs might have changed anyway).

The argument is that though the programme may be sluggish to respond to bandwidth fluctuations, it is far preferable to shutting down apps.

NetBalancer ensures that no single programme consumes all of your bandwidth. However, don’t expect it to respond instantaneously.

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