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NetScan X

Analyze and examine all of the traffic on your device. Requests from any computer can be detected and analysed and you can examine every bit sent and received by devices on your local network.

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NetScan X is one of the best tool to examine the traffic of any system on your network. Anything from your Smart TV’s sending and receiving data to your Android smartphone and your Internet-connected security camera can be examined. 

NetScan X allows you to view the data sent and received by any device on your network.

Thanks to the ground-breaking algorithm of NetScan X, it can also read activity that is encrypted, and track real-time network activity as well as analyse, process, and display data packets down to the millisecond.

When you use NetScan X, you will realize that you’re working with the most advanced piece of software available right now.

You will be able to use the programme whether you operate on a Windows or a Mac device. The performance of NetScan X is unaffected by its cross-platform capability.

NetScanX is simple to use, with documentation available for any task you choose to complete. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android, and can analyse traffic from any computer connected to your network.

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