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A new solution that combines all of your work apps into one. It's a one-stop shop for you and your teammates.

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Prepare by writing, planning, collaborating, and getting organised. All you need is Notion, and it’s all in one desktop application. With 30+ media kinds, it’s a straightforward, beautiful writing experience.

Transform your tribal wisdom into easy-to-find solutions. Views include a Kanban board, a calendar, and a list. Lightweight and adaptable.

With Notion, you can keep a detailed record of everything. Capture the workflows that are unique to you. Improve your writing, your thinking, and your organisation!

Notion Desktop is a lightweight, quick, and distraction-free desktop application. When you start typing, the interface goes away, leaving you alone with your work. So you can stay inflow, you can access all of Notion’s features right from your fingers.

It’s free and compatible with a variety of devices.

The unique editor in Notion assists you in organizing your thoughts and everyday plans. To start a discussion, leave a comment on anything. When you need help, bring up your coworkers. Get more work done by working across time zones.

Figma designs may be readily shown. Examine Google Sheets’ financial estimates. Notion integrates all of these, as well as 50+ additional apps. 

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