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GeForce NOW transforms almost any laptop, desktop, Mac, SHIELD TV, Android device, iPhone, or iPad into the PC gaming rig of your dreams in an instant.

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NVIDIA GeForce NOW is an NVIDIA-developed service that enables us to play our favorite games online. By transmitting each title to a compatible device, we will be able to play games without needing to find hardware that meets the required specifications.

Within NVIDIA GeForce NOW, we find a deceptively simple interface that enables us to easily navigate our library of titles. In the upper section, we’ll find a search engine that will help us locate all of the games that are currently available or that we can install if we have a subscription.

This is critical because in order to use the service, you will need to purchase one of the memberships.

Additionally, NVIDIA GeForce NOW requires the use of a ‘gamepad’ to control each game. Here, we can use any control that our PC or Mac supports. Of course, if we use a control with a ‘bluetooth’ connection, the connection will be much easier to establish.

NVIDIA GeForce NOW is fully compatible with the service’s supported platforms. Thus, we can always play our favorite games on our smartphone, PC, console, or other compatible device.

By utilizing a cloud-based save service, we can always resume any title regardless of how many missions or levels we have completed.

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