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Office Lens

Scan documents for free with this app. Office Lens allows you to use your smartphone as a scanner.

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Office Lens allows you to use your smartphone as a scanner. It’s an application that captures photographs of whiteboards and documents and converts them into easy-to-read formats for a variety of programmes.

You’ve probably wanted to digitise a paper on more than one occasion but didn’t have access to a scanner or the ability to go to a copy shop. This would not have happened to you if you had Office Lens mounted on your ‘smartphone.’ 

Office Lens detects the material of whiteboards and sheets of paper using the terminal’s camera. The image is then squared, cropped, and optimised using a complex logarithm such that the text can be read clearly on a screen or device. In reality, it produces files in PDF, JPG, and a variety of other readable formats.

Office Lens also integrates seamlessly with cloud storage services such as OneNote and OneDrive. As a result, you won’t have to worry about losing the ones you photograph due to a computer failure, a virus, or some other problem.

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