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Works with Windows and Mac for all kinds of maps.

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OkMap is a programme that allows us to edit and build routes on any map we’ve scanned or downloaded, and then export the results to a GPS.

The software can recognise a variety of files, ranging from low-resolution JPG images to vector maps that can be zoomed in to the tiniest level. We can, of course, use maps directly from Google Maps and Google Earth, and even import them in three dimensions.

While OkMap’s features are available to everyone, they are clearly targeted at a smaller audience interested in forest rescue, sports such as mountain biking or fishing, or even boating or flying.

OkMap is, as a result, a versatile programme with several layers of depth. It will work if we just want to trace routes on the GPS, but it will not work if we want to make a detailed hiking plan for the entire day.

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