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For your video games, an epic user interface.

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Overwolf is a video game user interface that allows us to take advantage of a wide variety of extra features when playing our favourite games.

The basic features of Overwolf are identical to those of the Valve Client. The browser and chat system built into the interface are without a doubt the most striking features.

We can use this to open a navigation tab inside the video game while it is running in the background, or to communicate with some friend. Furthermore, we will be able to synchronise our Skype, Facebook, and even Steam accounts with the Overwolf chat.

Apart from these basic features, Overwolf has an authentic appstore with a variety of applications that will allow us to make many more enhancements. From Grooveshark or Spotify-based music players to specific tools for video games like World of Warcraft or Day Z, there’s something for everyone.

Another intriguing feature of Overwolf is that it will help us recognise all of the compatible video games we have installed on our device.

Smite, Hearthstone, FIFA World, the Assassin’s Creed series, League of Legends, and Robocraft are among the games that are compatible.

Overwolf is an excellent gaming partner for any video game enthusiast, and it works particularly well with some of the most popular Free 2 Play games.

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