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PDF Editor

PDF Editor is a software program that allows you to deal with PDF documents. This program's most popular features include the ability to make, edit, and save PDF files.

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PDF Editor is a small software that specialises in dealing with PDF files. Its most distinguishing feature is the breadth of choices it provides; in addition to editing and creating PDF documents, it also enables viewing and scanning in a variety of formats.

This tool, like other PDF editors, can import and export files in other formats, allowing you to convert a JPG image to PDF, for example. Working with the app is easy thanks to its user-friendly interface, though some advanced features need more expertise to use. Many that are unfamiliar with the software can find a reference in the “Help” section.

While there is a fully functional trial edition, PDF Editor is a paid programme. There are various options for paying versions, including both a temporary subscription and full payment. By purchasing the complete edition, you gain access to all advanced features as well as numerous updates.

While both Nitro PDF Reader and Foxit Reader are good alternatives to PDF Editor, they both have less advanced features. This software can also be used to edit and work with documents remotely or as an add-on to a variety of web browsers. Other applications, such as Adobe Reader, are also compatible.

PDF Editor is a comprehensive software that largely accomplishes its primary goal: dealing with PDF documents. Adding notes, underlining content, removing or adding text, including images, and changing the format of texts are all examples of document editing. The conversion of text to vector objects is a function included in the most recent versions.

Another advanced operation that PDF Editor can perform is the merging of two pages into one. It’s also possible to alter or delete hyperlinks that have already been installed. Scanning several pages at once simplifies document creation and copying.

PDF Editor is compatible with the most popular text and image editing formats. You can edit files in Pdf, DOCX, TXT, HTMH, WPD, PPT, PPTX, and other formats that are widely used for similar editing purposes to work with documents. PSD, PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, and GIF are some of the image formats that are supported.

The software is distinguished by its effective editing of buttons and shapes, which provides additional choices over other resources. It also allows you to focus on graphics editing and manipulating different statistical values. It also has options for scaling the images and changing the captions.

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