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Picasa is a free application that allows you to organise and view digital images. It also includes editing software and the ability to share photos.

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Although Microsoft Windows or Mac users can find their photos directly in “My Documents,” most people save their photos in a folder. Picasa Google serves a number of purposes, as it not only organises digital images but also allows users to edit and enhance them.

It searches through all of the photos and saves them in a virtual library. As soon as you open Picasa, the library will appear, containing all of your images organised and classified into folders.

Picasa editor has a lot of features to help you enhance your images. Cropping, straightening, and fixing red eyes are all easy remedies. It will also assist you in adjusting the photo’s colour and contrast, flipping the files, and applying filters. Resize or add an action to several selected images before exporting or submitting them.

It comes highly recommended because it provides useful utilities for retouching and organising all of your photos. Its user interface is also simple and intuitive. Similarly, Picasa allows you to make a collage, or a video, from your images with a single click.

Simply press the “Free Download for Windows or Mac” button to get Picasa. After you’ve opened the executable file, press “Run” and then “Next” in the installation wizard. After starting the installation, you must accept the licence terms and conditions and then press “Finish” to complete the process.

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