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Psiphon is a free and open-source Internet censorship bypass application that employs a mix of secure communication and obfuscation techniques.

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Psiphon is an open source technology designed to get over the restriction that millions of Internet users face in countries where freedom of expression is a conspicuously absent.

Psiphon transforms your computer into a proxy server, via which the user or people to whom we want to grant access will connect. The Psiphon server and the client establish a safe and encrypted connection that cannot be intercepted.

So, if you have a colleague or acquaintance who can’t access a website because it’s blocked in their country or their connection is down, send them the Psiphon server’s URL and offer them Internet access.

Furthermore, several forms of masquerading can be chosen, either over a virtual VPN tunnel or by using proxy modification through an SSH connection.

Psiphon lets you to create many user accounts, each of which is password-protected, from which you may grant access to anybody you want.

It will operate in the background after we launch it, and we can access its modest control panel at any moment through the notification bar on our desktop.

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