Using keyboard shortcuts, copy and paste dozens of different messages.

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QuickTextPaste is a fantastic tool that allows you to copy and paste a vast number of different texts without having to copy and paste them one by one.

If you find it inconvenient that you can’t copy more than one text at a time, this utility will allow you to create keyboard shortcuts for a variety of choices, saving you time on a tedious job.

This software is easy to use and has a simple GUI, so you will have no trouble using it. A collection of files with a note inside can be found in the main window.

All of these notes allow you to paste the text you want to copy anywhere, so you can build as many choices as you want to ensure that you can work with all of your texts.

One of the great features of QuickTextPaste, and what makes it so user-friendly, is that you can allocate a keyboard shortcut to each of the notes, allowing you to memorise the key combinations for each text and save a lot of time.

Pick which keys you want to use to paste the message you’ve written inside your note by clicking on it.

If you’ve pasted everything into the various notes, all you have to do now is click the shortcut you specified for each case, and you’ll see how your text is automatically pasted.

QuickTextPaste will save you a lot of time, particularly if you work with multiple messages and have to go back and forth between them to paste them somewhere.

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