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With this app, you can manage CPU utilization, downloads, and much more.

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Rainmeter is a simple software that allows you to view a variety of options related to the performance of your computer in real time.

All you have to do now is choose the apps you wish to show in the contextual menu of the icon on the Start bar.

You can see the CPU utilization, time, download and upload speeds, and hard disc utilization from the main window. You do, however, have four additional windows as well. 

  • Clock in analogue format
  • A peek into computer science and technology news
  • The weather forecast 
  • A detailed information window on the hard disk’s use and general system performance, with data such as RAM utilization and IP displayed.

In addition, users can also download skins from the author’s website that drastically alter Rainmeter’s design and turn it into a completely other programme.

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