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RosarioSIS is a PHP application with a PostgreSQL database that is free software ( GNU GPL v2). It's a web application that anybody can use from any device.

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RosarioSIS is a useful management system that allows users to coordinate all of their essential academic data, such as grades and due dates via modules.

RosarioSIS enable users to keep track of their students’ grades, schedules, attendance, charges, food service, and more. This will, however, not only adapt to the academic data of the young ones, but it will also be useful (and necessary) in any educational institution, such as academies, institutes, or universities.

This software stands out among similar programmes due to its excellent compatibility with tablets and virtually any smartphone, as well as its translation into Spanish, French, German, Bulgarian, and even Cambodian.

Unlike many other virtual systems, the majority of the platform’s add-ons are available for free to all users.

All of this is possible thanks to its free software, which was created with the aim of assisting people in many countries where paying for academic data management platforms is not always possible.

RosarioSIS is a tool that would be beneficial to almost any student because it will coordinate all of their academic data, which they will be able to access from any tablet or PC anytime they need it.

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