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Create small educational projects to learn how to code.

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Scratch is a free Windows programme that allows us to quickly create our own graphic animations. The controls are so simple to use that even a child might use it.

In reality, this program’s main advantage is that it serves as an entry point for young children to learn how to create small sequential algorithms with which to begin their journey into the world of programming.

Animated graphics are created using objects (backgrounds, pictures, and graphics produced by the software), which we will programme to perform their respective functions using a simple drag-and-drop scheme.

Programming these behaviours is not difficult at all, since we have a graphical editor of functions to use, which significantly reduces the difficulty of programming gestures, reproducing sounds, and changing the behaviour of objects.

You can make as many objects as you want, as well as edit and customise the available backgrounds. It is clear that the visual language Scratch is intended for educational purposes, and it has been supported by a number of organisations and experts in terms of instilling computing habits in children.

Anything is possible, like games, animations, and representations and if we don’t know how to programme, we can use Scratch. 

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