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Seafight is a total pirate game that allows you to "surf" the internet.

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Have you ever been enthralled by the tales of pirates? If you want to go on a high-seas adventure, Seafight allows you to do so for free right from your web browser.

In Seafight, you’ll be able to complete missions and battle other players to become the sea’s tyrant. Purchase new ships and upgrade them with cannons and different types of ammunition… the whole game can be played with only the mouse and from a 2D isometric viewpoint. 

The animations are a little static, but the drawing quality is adequate and, above all, very simple. More than 30 million players join you on your journey across the ocean, battling, trading, and forming clans in order to obtain the highest score and beat the most terrifying sea monsters.

Seafight is a good online browser game from Bigpoint veterans that is mostly free, though it does have paid features like other games of this kind. 

If you want to play a long and comprehensive pirate game, Seafight makes it very simple to do so in your browser. What a better term to use in this situation than “navigator”…

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