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Take notes in a straightforward and simple manner.

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There are many tools for taking text annotations, but most of them make the mistake of incorporating too many features, making them too cumbersome and heavy when all we want to do is save some reminders and find them quickly.

Simplenote is a leader in its industry, and its distinguishing feature is its name is clear annotations. The software allows you to make text notes that you can save as a reminder, as well as associate a set of tags for quick searching and cataloging in the future.

To this must be added the fact that Simplenote is multi-platform and synchronized with your user account, allowing you to access all of your notes from any computer, including the desktop client and web client, as well as apps for iOS and Android, Mac and Windows.

Simplenote’s own servers can perform text version control, simultaneous online editing between multiple users, and even automatically publish our text on the Internet, creating a unique URL.

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