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SlimBoat Web Browser

SlimBoat Web Browser for Mac has a simple interface and design, but it provides safe, quick, and most importantly, enjoyable web browsing.

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SlimBoat is a fast, efficient, and secure browser that is designed to help us save time on the Internet and increase our productivity at the computer.

All of this is possible thanks to a set of features aimed at enhancing the protection of our equipment as well as the user’s performance.

One of the coolest features in SlimBoat is the QuickFill shape filling feature. It automatically fills out web forms, allowing us to access online accounts with just one click and without having to type in long user names and passwords.

SlimBoat Web Browser also has a powerful Facebook integration feature, which allows us to share a website, a picture, or a text with just one click on the common social network.

A download manager for YouTube videos will also be built into the browser, allowing us to download any video in MP4 format, save it to your hard drive, and play it whenever we want.

Other noteworthy features include the presence of a weather forecasting tool, which allows us to know the current weather conditions in your region at all times and the integrated web page interpreter, which performs admirably.

Finally, SlimBoat has a pop-up blocker, which prevents the screen from being cluttered with these irritating advertisement windows by offering us a variety of undesirable services.

SlimBoat is a fast, safe, and lightweight browser. It takes only a few seconds to install, allows to import bookmarks from any other browser, and has enough features to outshine even the most powerful. 

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