Slimbrowser 2


Web browser that is both simple and efficient.

slimbrowser 3

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SlimBrowser is one of the finest and light browser that, when compared to other common browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera, can make browsing the Internet easier.

This programme is based on the Internet Explorer engine, but it adds a number of features that the well-known Microsoft browser lacks. The following are some of the enhancements you’ll notice:

  • To prevent irritating pop-up windows, monitor and eliminate pop-up ads.
  • Fast searches that you can personalise by using the engines of your choice.
  • Privacy security that allows you to block access to those websites and windows.
  • To speed up your browsing, you’ll be able to build full groups of websites that the browser can open with a single click.
  • Tabs can be used in many ways.
  • Allows you to customise the world with Skins.

SlimBrowser, in short, becomes an excellent option for browsing the Internet, especially on computers with limited resources that need simple but effective options.

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