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Sony Vegas Pro is one of your best choices if you want to edit and merge several video tracks to create a movie with professional results.

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Professional video editing on a PC is known by a variety of names. We could discuss Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Lightworks, or even Pinnacle Studio, but Sony Vegas Pro is without a doubt the software that stands out the most in this category and provides the best performance.
For years, this software has been one of the most common video post-production and rendering tools, and despite the fact that it now belongs to Magix rather than Sony, and thus has no connection to the Japanese multinational in its name, it is still one of the most popular shows among video editors. Despite taking some specialised expertise and a lot of free time to master the use of all of its features, it turns out to be one of the most intuitive solutions for manipulating audio-visual content in real time.

Key Features of Magix Vegas Pro:
With skilled results in image, video, and audio editing.
Editing videos from up to 32 different sources is possible.
Using a timeline, you can quickly and intuitively change the frames.
Effects, transitions between songs, and filters are all introduced.
Masking techniques for shapes and effects.
With stereoscopic 3D changes and the ability to add depth to 2D components, you can create three-dimensional projects.
Multiple formats are supported, including 4K video and RAW images.
A plethora of plug-ins are available to expand the program’s already comprehensive capabilities.

What does Vegas Pro 16 have in store for us?
In comparison to previous versions, the latest version of this app, which was released in September of this year, includes a slew of new features that enhance the advanced editing capabilities already available:
HEVC / H.265: This technology allows users to compress their videos even further without sacrificing quality, allowing them to save storage space and display them more easily.
Native ProRes Support: This programme no longer relies on third-party built applications to support ProRes files, ensuring that video quality is not compromised.
Smart scaling: With the latest scaling technologies, HD recordings can be converted to 4K or UHD while retaining the same image quality.
Support for High Frequency Imaging (HFR) allows film professionals to fully use the capabilities of their cameras, enabling them to shoot at higher frames per second.
A new option to celerar video at up to 40 times normal speed has been added.
Smart Zoom: Post-production zooms can be used without sacrificing image quality.
Hover Scrub is a new feature that allows users to mark the In and Out points of video clips more easily.
Different video effects, such as vignetting, will be introduced using new plug-ins.
More hardware support is required to make this software compatible with a wider range of video cameras.
New feature for authoring and making quality DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

What is the price of Vegas Pro?
With all of these roles and features, it was obvious that the program’s price would not be within everyone’s budget. Of course, you can try it for free for seven days, which can be extended to thirty if you register for a free account on their website, but this programme is available in three editions, with prices ranging from $ 400 for the Pro Edit version to $ 800 for the Pro version. Suite, with the regular version costing nearly $ 600 in the mid-range.

Additional knowledge and requirements:
The trial edition is available for 7 days, with the option to extend it to 30 days by registering for free.

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