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Bring the world of Grand Theft Auto IV to life.

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SparkIV is a modification tool for Grand Theft Auto IV that allows users to modify the textures and models of virtually any object in the game, opening up a world of customization possibilities.

In addition to allowing us to tinker at our own risk, the application is required to use the majority of GTA IV’s graphic mods, such as the one that replaces pedestrians with Final Fantasy characters or the one that requires us to play as the protagonist of Modern Warfare.

Furthermore, the programme is really easy to use, and we won’t need any lengthy tutorials or guides to get started. Normally, all we need to do is open the file we want to change and replace it with another.

SparkIV is a fantastic adjustment tool that allows us to personalise our GTA IV experience. The best part is that it will provide us with this capability through a simple and user-friendly interface.

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