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Special Force

Military action against soldiers is taking place all over the world. Play to Join the Special Force Team.

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Special Force is an online first-person shooter inspired by special forces teams, in which you face off against gamers from all around the world in a variety of scenarios.

Special Force functions similarly to other comparable games (Call of Duty or Battlefield). You can either join existing games or create your own. Each game is set in a separate situation and has its own set of rules.

You will be able to choose the type of soldier you are as well as the weaponry you carry in your first games with Special Force (assault rifle, grenades and pistol).

You may earn money, upgrade your skills, and acquire more artillery as you gather enemy casualties and experience.

Special Force is an exciting game with which it is easy to become engrossed for a long time, thanks to the games high levels of entertainment and dynamic gameplay.

Special Force is a solid option (free!) for fans of multiplayer shooters, even if it will not go down in multiplayer shooter history.

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