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Strategic Command: WWII Global Conflict Gold

Bring World War II to a large scale across the globe, from Europe and North Africa to Asia and the Pacific. The Gold Edition of the original Matrix game contains the two DLCs "Assault on Communism" and "Assault on Democracy."

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WWII Global Conflict: Strategic Command Gold is a Strategic Command extension. WWII Global Conflict is a strategy game set during WWII.

We should not expect great graphics in this game, nor in the aforementioned expansion; rather, the graphics of the boards are simple, but the complexity of the game is extremely strong. 

WWII Global Conflict: Strategic Command Gold has been described as an analytical strategy game that has been very popular. The pace of action in this game is unimportant, as it can lead to a bad situation. What matters most are the deliberate and weighed decisions made without haste; these careful decisions will undoubtedly lead you to victory.

There are four new campaigns in this expansion, including two new missions:
In 1939, a ten-month drive takes place. You will be able to take part in operations in Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, North Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Ocean as part of this mission.
In 1948, a four-month campaign is held. The axis armies have been defeated, and peace seems to be on the horizon, but there is a schism among the allies, and the ideological divide between China and the USSR will exacerbate the conflict; we are at the start of the Third World War.

According to the author’s website, the original game is not required to play this extension; however, most blogs and forums claim that the original Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict is required, and that the add-on also contains four old redesigned campaigns.

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