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This remote control tool can be used to control the entire desktop.

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You’ve probably wondered if you can share anything you see on your screen with another person through the Internet. Not only is it possible, but you can also give that person complete control over your computer.

TeamViewer is a remote control application that allows a user who requires technical assistance to remotely control his or her device. Two computers will remain linked automatically if the previously defined access data is entered, allowing remote access to a computer’s desktop.

When you’re done, The help indicates whether the user session should be closed or blocked. It is, on the other hand, possible to share the screen’s content with other users. 

When you want to present to a group of people at the same time, this feature comes in handy. Choose whether you want to prioritise picture quality or transfer speed.

TeamViewer enables you to securely exchange files over a network at a much faster rate than most messaging or chat programmes. To link to the remote machine or broadcast the desktop, all you need is the other user’s identifier.

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