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Ultra Adware Killer

Fantastic app to remove all adware and malware from your device.

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Ultra Adware Killer is a software that will help you to clean your machine of all adware and malware in one go. The software will also allow you to search and clean all user accounts on the same machine, saving a lot of time if multiple users are infected.

You can use Ultra Adware Killer to detect a wide range of threats, including toolbars, rootkits, Trojans, malware, hacked home pages, unwanted search engines, and more.

You can also restore your browser’s factory settings, making it like it was the first time you used it.

Ultra Adware Killer has a simple and user-friendly interface. All of the results are neatly organised into tabs, applications, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, startup programmes, malware, and so on.

As a result, you will clean the areas that are the most troublesome in a more detailed and focused manner.

Ultra Adware Killer is a small but effective anti-adware and anti-malware software that takes up less than 10MB and allows us to thoroughly clean your entire device.

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