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Remove rootkits from your device and keep it secure.

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UnHackMe is a tool that detects and removes rootkits from your computer as a supplement to your regular antivirus.

What exactly is a rootkit?

A rootkit, similar to a Trojan, is malicious software that hides all signs of operation from the user’s eyes (and most traditional antivirus), opening backdoors and allowing external intruders to access our website with administrator privileges. a group

As a rule, these types of programmes perform admirably and are difficult to detect, so a programme devoted solely to them, such as UnHackMe, can be extremely useful.

UnHackMe has a user-friendly interface that helps us to find suspicious processes that might be operating behind our backs.

UnHackMe’s key point of difference is that, rather than evaluating processes after they have already started, it checks the system at startup and alerts us to any irregular processes that are attempting to execute abnormally.

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