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Vidiot is a non-linear video editor designed for personal use. Compositing (scaling/rotating/positioning), cropping, speed changes, transitions and titles, trimming, key frames, and so on are all supported.

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Vidiot is a user-friendly design application that allows anyone to create their own montages using photographs and videos stored on their computer.

Its user interface and method of operation are extremely similar to those of Adobe Premiere Pro, but with only two options: copy and paste.

This video program’s structure contains two separate elements that we will need to understand in order to complete our projects. All of the details of our clip, including a little player, can be found at the top of the tool.

The lower part, on the other hand, is the work area, where we must add the movies and photos that we wish to be included in the drawing.

The project comprises a brief portion from which we will learn all of the project’s details and learn more about the aspects we have presented.

We may decide the location and duration of each video in the timeline, as well as chop or superimpose them, depending on the level of intricacy we want to offer our final production.

Vidiot’s ease of use and limited functions are one of its greatest features, as it lacks sophisticated features that the ordinary user does not require.

All we have to do now is upload our films, decide on an order, edit out what doesn’t serve us, and save the output in a format that is more exact for the purpose we want to put it to.

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