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Wireless Air Cut is a WPS wireless, portable, and free network auditing software for Microsoft Windows and  Mac devices.

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Waircut is a software network audit that is remote, portable, and free (WPS). This programme is a network tool that allows you to check the security of your wireless network.

This programme can assist you in ensuring that your wireless internet connection does not leave you vulnerable. You may check for known generic WPFS pins, brute-force vulnerabilities, and more on your router.

It checks the security of your wps wireless networks and detects any security breaches.

You can see if the router has a generic and well-known WPS pin configured, or if it’s subject to a brute-force or Pixie-Dust assault.

You can avoid potential security breaches and other unwelcome and unpleasant circumstances in the long run by activating it.

Other aspects of the application can help you improve your wireless security even more.

You may, for example, see if your device has a generic or WPS pin set. You can also see if it’s vulnerable to brute force or fairy dust attacks, as previously explained.

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