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WhatsApp Desktop

Communicate with all of your WhatsApp contacts directly from your Mac or Windows operating system, and use the instant messaging client on any PC, regardless of its architecture, without resorting to Android emulation tricks.

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While there is currently a direct way to use your favorite instant messaging application on your Mac or Windows OS, the primary disadvantage of WhatsApp Web is that it must be launched through a web browser.

However, there is now a completely official version available that, while it is based on the aforementioned WhatsApp webapp, allows you to use it directly as if it were another application without opening a browser.

As is already the case with the web version, the mobile client will need to be synced with the programme via a QR code that must be scanned directly following the instructions displayed on the main interface of WhatsApp Desktop.

Once this action is completed successfully, all of our WhatsApp conversations and contacts will be synchronized, allowing us to interact with them from the Mac in the same way we would on the mobile.

You will be able to send any type of multimedia content, create and manage groups, archive conversations, edit our primary profile, and even take photos using the camera integrated into the equipment.

Naturally, we will always be reliant on the mobile device with which we have synchronised this application, which means it must be turned on and sharing the same web connection in order for us to enjoy WhatsApp Desktop on our Mac or Windows OS.

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