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Windows 7

The seventh version of Microsoft's operating system, Windows 7 stands out for its lower resource usage, as well as visual enhancements that make regular use of this operating system more pleasant.

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One of the most important pillars of Windows 7 is security, which includes antispyware defence, tools for making backup copies and transferring files and settings, and access control to restrict how much time and what programmes each user has access to.

Microsoft has also taken networking and entertainment into account. The inclusion of Internet Explorer 8 and the Windows Live Essentials programme for communicating, managing mail, and sharing and editing multimedia content is proof of this. Windows Media Player 12 has been updated for Windows 7 Media Centre.

Paint, WordPad, and accessories have all been improved in Windows 7, and new features such as sticky notes and smart folders have been added. Meanwhile, even on less powerful PCs, the new Aero GUI stands out for its stunning appearance.

What’s New?

·         Protection and access control have been improved.

·         Reduced resource use

·         Paint and WordPad have been refurbished.

·         More user-friendly taskbar and gadgets

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