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Windows Movie Maker is a simple video editor included in the Windows Live Essentials utility kit, designed for those who don't have any experience with video editing.

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There’s nothing like having a video editor on hand, such as Windows Movie Maker, for those moments. From its introduction for Windows ME to the new Windows 10, it has been rescuing many beginner users in the area of video editing for years. The product has been out of development since 2012, but the most recent version, which is much superior to Movie Maker 2.1 or 2.6, continues to operate on the most recent operating systems.


You would be able to perform acts such as the following from a very basic, sober, and clean gui that has barely developed over the various versions:

Using pictures or other videos to make your own movies or animations.

Importing film, still pictures, or audio is possible.

Music can be added from our library or downloaded from online providers.

Using a webcam to film video and a recorder to record voice narrations.

Drag and drop frames from a video into a timeline to alter the series.

The number of narrations, audio, or video is increased or decreased.

Image effects, transformations, and subtitles or logos may all be added.

Add credits to our tape soundtrack to recognise the protagonists, director, recording location, and composer.

Before you delete your videos, give them a once-over.

Store your designs locally, upload them to the cloud, or send them by email.

Where can I get a copy of Windows Movie Maker? What is the name of your executable?

You’ve already tried everything you can think of to find an installation file for this software but haven’t had any luck. Since it is part of the Windows Live Essentials service kit, it does not exist as a standalone program. You can still download the 2012 edition of this app from Microsoft’s official website by using the link given in our download button.

When you run the file, you can opt to load all of the programs included in it, such as Messenger, Mail, Writer, and OneDrive, or you can install the modules one by one. Photo Gallery and Movie Maker are packaged together in this scenario. All that’s left is to press the Install button and wait a few seconds for the installation to finish.

If you want to keep using Movie Maker 2012, you’ll need to act quickly, because Microsoft has already revealed that it would stop selling it for free in January 2017, replacing it with a slightly more modern edition available via the Windows Store.

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