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Wise Force Deleter

Erase what Windows won't let you.

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Wise Force Deleter  is a software programme that allows us to delete any file from our computer. Some of them, even those that usually return errors like ‘access refused’ or ‘the file you are trying to remove might be in use’ may be deleted.

The Wise Force Deleter is really simple to use. Essentially, it will allow us to fix any errors that would otherwise prevent us from deleting a file.

That is, it will end any processes that are interfering with the file in question or remove any access limitations that are preventing us from accessing it. We can easily give whatever we want to the recycling bin this way.

You won’t need a tutorial because the Wise Force Deleter interface is so easy. Simply drag the files you want to remove into the programme window and select the ‘unlock and delete’ option.

It’s important to remember that only files can be deleted, not directories. This is done on purpose to ensure that nothing is unintentionally deleted.

Wise Force Deleter is a fascinating programme that allows us to delete any file, even though Windows prompts us with an error message. It’s something we’ve all had to deal with at some stage, but it won’t be a concern any longer.

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