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Wolfenstein: The New Order is a game set in a post-World War II world.

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During World War II, we are transported to a fictitious German city named Isenstadt, where Hitler’s Nazi forces have discovered the Dark Sun, a weapon so strong that it can grant its owner victory. We’ll take on the role of Blazkowicz, an American soldier tasked with capturing the artefact and bringing the Reich to an end.

Wolfenstein is a science fiction video game set in a war setting, demonstrating the possibility of altering reality by entering a parallel universe that is human-like but much more frightening. 

This alternate dimension known as Veil aids us in solving the majority of the mysteries we will encounter; the situations will be similar to those in human reality but far darker. We will be able to see things that we cannot see in the other reality; and we will have other directions to take if we can’t find a way out.

We will not complete the missions in any particular order during the Wolfenstein campaign. Instead, we will travel freely through the scenarios to choose the one we want to begin, these missions will be unlocked when we complete the previous ones.

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