With this free app, you can organize and share your ideas.

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Xmind is a programme that allows you to organise and share your thoughts. It is based on the English idea of a “brainstorm” (brainstorming), and its aim is to make these intense sessions of creativity more popular in business and education.

We usually begin with a main concept, which we write in the centre box. We’re making all sorts of connections with other concepts that we think would be useful based on that concept.

Thanks to the program’s hundreds of visual choices, the new ideas that come from the plant can be sorted by significance.

It also supports a wide range of fonts and font sizes, allows you to insert images and special markers, and, most importantly, simplifies the process of working with it.

Xmind is a fascinating application for students because it is easy to use and appealing while still fulfilling a critical role in group work.

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